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Clarke’s Rotary Classifier is designed to remove oversized pieces from unscreened chips, bark or hogged fuel.

By separating the acceptable material from the oversized material, the “CRC” protects downstream conveyors, metering bins, and other sensitive equipment. With wood waste taking on a new value as fuel in today’s energy-conscious economy, Clarke’s Rotary Classifier is an important part of any boiler infeed system.

The “CRC” principle of particle separation is accomplished with a series of modified star-shaped discs all rotating in the same direction. The spacing between the discs is closely controlled, which allows the acceptable material to pass through and the oversize material (wet stringy bark, twisted limbs, tramp material, frozen lumps, etc.) to carry over the end. The modified star discs provide no pinch points, a design which almost eliminates jamming.

In case jamming occurs, the “CRC” features an overload release system which loosens the drive belts, cuts power and provides a warning signal which insures protection against costly downtime.

The “CRC” is a compact, rugged, vibration-free unit needing minimum support. Capacities range from 10 to 200 units per hour with low horsepower requirements.

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