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Pneu-Aire Filter Secondary
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Pneu-Aire Filters

Clarke’s Primary and Secondary Pneu-Aire Filters are the simplest, most economical solutions to dust control problems. They are designed for low maintenance and easy servicing.

Clarke’s Primary Pneu-Aire Filter

Primary Filter Brochure

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Clarke’s unique Primary Pneu-Aire Filter has the same basic design, features and advantages as our popular and successful secondary Pneu-Aire filter. Unlike most primary filters, the dust is contained within the bags and will not bridge between bags. During the cleaning cycle, material is drawn from each individual gas using a reverse flow of air which positively removes dust from within the bag.

The primary Pneu-Aire is available in various sizes with capacities up to 70,000 ACFM at an 8:1 air to cloth ratio and is suitable for either conventional or draw-thru aplications.

Clarke’s Secondary Pneu-Aire Filter

Secondary Filter Brochure

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Clarke’s Secondary Pneu-Aire filter combines advantages of simple design, ease of installation, minimum maintenance, and cost-saving operation to meet tight budgets. A single moving part, the rotating manifold, is powered by a 1/4 HP gearhead motor and roller chain drive. Access doors provide easy inspection and maintenance.

Filter bags are made of high tensile Clar-Tex fabric. Support rings prevent bag collapse as cleaning is accomplished by low-pressure reverse air flow. Bags are isolated from the system during the cleaning cycle.

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